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Mansion54, part of Epic Venues, needed their PPC ad campaign spend trimmed down and finely targeted for the most ROI.

Generating a number of new sales


SEO Audit and overhaul.  PPC Campaign Audit to tighten up their spending but still keep highly targeted and profitable online inquiries.


This was done by using our powerful SEO audit software to discover any holes in their existing application of on-page SEO.  Additionally, manually auditing each Google PPC campaign and creating a new plan of action to achieve their online goals.


We’ve achieved a 1st page Google search rankings within the first month of working together as well as overhauling their old PPC campaigns with more targeted actions that generated a continued stream of event inquiries. In the campaign’s inaugural month of activity, the Cost Per Action (CPA) was reduced and their Return on Investment (ROI) was over 100%.

100% ROI

From The Client

“We are now getting more calls than we can process!”

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